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Infection control is an important part of The Dental Smile Centre to ensure patient safety as top priority. All of our sterilization practices are current and follow the latest guidelines by Health Canada. This process includes cleaning and sterilization of all reusable dental instruments and devices in our dental office and are perform as follows:

  1. All instruments go into the non-sterile collecting area.
  2. Ultrasonic (high frequency vibration) solution to dislodge any loose particles.
  3. Rinse, dry and Heat and Pressure sterilization to kill bacteria, viruses and spores.
  4. All Instruments are bagged and stored in the sterile area, until needed.
  5. Daily Spore tests to insure proper operation of sterilization equipment.
  6. At each treatment room, counters, handles and equipment are sanitized for every patient, maintaining the optimum in asepsis, for every visit.
  7. Each treatment room is sterilized by wiping down all the counters, handles and equipment between each patient.

If you have any questions regarding our sterilization centre and how it operates, please ask. Any member of our team will be able to help you with your questions. We will be pleased to show you our Sterilization Centre and how it operates.

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